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Each set of Sutras has got its Bhashya, Vritti, Varttika, Vyakhyana or Tika and Tippani



Astobham-anavadyam cha

Sutram sutravido viduh."

A Sutra or an aphorism is a short formula with the least possible number of letters, without any ambiguity or doubtful assertion, containing the very essence, embracing all meanings, without any stop or obstruction and absolutely faultless in nature.

The best example of the greatest, the tersest and the most perfect of Sutra literature is the ' series of aphorisms called the Ashtadhyayi composed by Panini. Panini is the father of all Sutrakaras from whom all others seem to have borrowed the method of composition. The Sutras are meant to explain a big volume of knowledge in short assertions suitable to be kept in memory at all times. The six Vedangas and the six systems of Hindu philosophy form the twelve sets of Sutra literature of the world. In addition to these, there are later compositions like the Narada-Bhakti Sutras, the Sandhya-Bhakti Sutras, etc., which also wish to assume an equal form with the famous Sutras mentioned above.

The Sutras or aphorisms of Vyasa are the basis of the Vedanta philosophy. These Sutras have been variously explained by different commentators. From these interpretations have risen several schools of philosophy viz., Kevala, Advaita philosophy of Sri Sankaracharya, the philosophy of qualified Monism or Visishtadvaita of Sri Ramanujacharya, the Dvaita philosophy of Om Sri Madhvacharya, the Bhedabheda philosophy of Sri Nimbarkacharya, he Suddha Advaita Philosophy, of Sri Vallabhacharya, the Achintya Bhedbheda philosophy of Sri Chaitanya and the Siddhanta philosophy of Sri Meykandar.

Each system of philosophy treats of three main problems viz, God, world and, soul. The several schools of philosophy are only different attempts at discovering the Truth.

The different Acharyas, belonging, to distinctly different cults became founders of sects and great system builders. The followers of these schools sought to prove their orthodoxy by interpreting, the Vedanta Sutras in accordance with their own tenets, showing their claim to be based on, and regularly evolved from, ancient tradition.




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