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The word Jain comes from jina, the conqueror. Jains are followers of the Conqueror, the first teacher Adinatha. There is a line of twenty-four great teachers, which are called tirthankaras, or "Finders of the Path". Mahavira (the great hero) was the 24th teacher. He died in 526 BC, so this religion is very old.

Jain temples are dedicated to one of the tirthankaras. The Jain religion has about 4 million followers. Jains believe in ahimsa (nonviolence). Orthodox Jains are strict vegetarians and do not eat onions or garlic. They are not supposed to farm so they can avoid killing insects and small animals. Jains do not believe in the Vedas.

Jain believe in reincarnation, that the universe is infinite and that one can eventually attain moksa, liberation, by following the path of the tirthankaras. They do worship Lakshmi and Ganesha. But the tirthankaras are the supreme object of worship. Jains are pious. They cannot lie, they must avoid useless actions, talk, or thoughts, and they must eat only pure food. Mahavira taught one's state of consciousness was directly influenced by the food he eats. Jains must also give charity, either in the form of knowledge or money.




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