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Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra Vastu Shastra also known as the Indian geomancy science is the most authentic art of architecture which unifies the astrology, astronomy and art. It has originated about 8000 years ago, since then our ancient Indian sages and scholars were practicing this art of direction which evolves the application of some basic code of conduct while construction of any building or house.

It is also known as ancient mystic science for designing and building. This art helps in making a congenial dwelling place which works in a scientific way in order to take the advantage of the benefits bestowed by the nature. Vastu is a mystic science or art which has its own power and effects. It uses few basic traditional norms of direction which can be lay down for construction, selection, designing and for everything in this world.

Vastu Shilpa Shastra is an ancient mystic science of act of design and architecture which finds its origin in Stapatya Veda, a sub-part of the Atharva Veda-one of the prominent and older of the four Vedas.

If Vastu is applied properly it can prove to be boon by giving you all the amenities and pleasures of life. Many factors govern the life of human being, Vastu can't change your fate; however it can give you joy and pleasures of life by simply transforming your sorrowful life just by altering the structure of your living place. Our destiny is out of our hand but if a person can only make his life better by taking care of these three essential factors.

Vastu benefits are immense and permanent, they doesn't change with the change in advancement. Some enumerated benefits of vastu science are:

Physically Vastu affects the lives of person providing them

• Good health

• Comfort

• Convenience achieved by paying attention to place, ventilation, color, design, material, element and direction

• Brings you harmony and fulfillment

Psychological benefits via Vastu in the form of

• Improving well being

• Improvisation of relationships inwardly and outwardly

• Unlocks the tensions

• Reducing stress levels

• Upgrading health

Spiritual side of man also gets enhanced

• Being originated from our ancient sacred text, the principles of Vastu provides a man the inner satisfaction which can't be achieved through any other means.

• Harmony is the main aim of any person to achieve at their living place and Vastu compliance place ensures to meet all the best possible affects a person is in need quest of.

Energy Flow

The directions of East and West are important as far as obtaining the energy from the sun is concerned. The importance of the directions of the North and the South lies in the flow of magnetic waves which flows from North Pole to South Pole. Therefore southward portion of every building should be higher than the northward portion.

Importance of Five Elements


The selection of site for building construction is very important. Besides, congenial environment, greenery and availability of water, we should also see if the land is suitable for building construction.


As far as the flow of domestic water is concerned, it should be borne in mind and that such water should be drained out in North - East. Wells, tubewells, swimming pools etc. should all be in the North-East. The water from the toilets and bathrooms, too, should be drained out in the North- East. The North-East direction is always auspicious and suitable for water. There are sewer-systems in the cities. The Septic tanks or the flow of sewer systems should be towards North - West. The flow of rain or fresh water should be towards North- East.


The direction of Fire is South-East. The Kitchen, fireplace, geysers etc. should be placed only in this direction. Alternatively these could be placed in North-West, because it is at 180 degree to South-East.


The air should enter the building from North -East. All the openings and media for air entry such as doors, windows, ventilators coolers, air-conditioners, verandahs,balconies etc. should be in this directions.


The open sky influences greatly. We can get the effect terrestrial-energies uninterruptedly. But the buildings prove a barrier to the effects of open sky. Therefore, the importance of roofs or lawns gets emphasized.




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