Koorm Pristhiya Ashtadhatu 2.5 Inch

Koorm Pristhiya Ashtadhatu 2.5 Inch

"Koorm Pristhiya (Meru) Shri Yantra" is one of those oldest, rare and previous Yantra created by ‘Aadi Guru Dattatreya’ for the welfare of common man. Perhaps

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This yantra is made up of ASHTA-DHATU, an alloy of eight metals, which are gold, silver, copper, tin, zinc, mercury, lead and iron.It can be had in different sizes as Small, Medium and Large with Copper or Gold Plated. It can be placed either at the foundation of a house, temple or at the strongroom, locker and cashbox etc.

Koorm Pristhiya (Meru) Shri Yantra" is one of those oldest, rare and previous Yantra created by ‘Aadi Guru Dattatreya’ for the welfare of common man. Perhaps, the thought of conceiving Yantras for the benefit of mankind was formed during the Vedic age when metal came into being. Literally, "Koorm Prishthiya Meru Shri Yantra" means Shree Yantra which is mounted at the back of tortoise upwards. It is also believed that the tortoise lifted weight of the earth over its back. So, people relate it to the mystery of nature as those islands, high altitude, mountains of earth amidst the water. Shri Yantra designed over the back of Koorm or Tortoise has eight petals as in the case of the original Shri Yantra where the flower Lotus or Kamal has eight groups with sixty four Lotus dal. It is also seen that the most of the designs of Yantras are based on the growing Lotus flower. Here, the question arises as to why Guru Dattatreya choose only the Lotus flower as the base of Yantras. The reason is, Lotus is the only holy flower which originate from the navel (Nabhi) of Lord Vishnu, Where the God of knowledge and creator of Veda i.e. ‘Lord Brahma’ is also believed to be seated. Guru Dattatreya is said to be the representative of the ‘United Trinity’ i.e. Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesha. Therefore, the force which pushes man to worship the Yantras lies in the strong belief that these Yantras are created by this ‘Trinity’ themselves who are the creator, preserver and destroyer of the world respectively, who also control the Sun, the Moon, Planets and hence, the whole universe itself.

Meru Yantra, like Shri Yantra, has Bindu (Point), Trikona (Triangle), Ashtakona, Sanghar Chakra (Destroying Wheel), Sthithi Chakra (Preserving Wheel), Chaturdashkona, Ashtadal kamal (Group of Eight Lotus), Shodash dal Kamal (Group of 16 Lotus), Teen Vrit (Three Circles), Bhupur (First Square), Sampoorna Srishti Chakra (Whole System of Universe) and surrounded by Ridhi-Sidhi (Prosperity and Fame) gates in four directions of Yantra. Shri Yantra is being worshipped in the Indian temples since Vedic age. The gist of Vedic vaastu and Science also lies in ‘Shri Yantra’. As without the Alphabets of any language we can not write anything meaningful or writing totally depends upon the alphabets, similarly, on the basis of Shri Yantra only, Lord Brahma has created this lively world. So to attain and achieve the material substance of the Universe one (worshiper) has to recite Mantra as - "Om, Aaing, Shring, Hring, Kling, Mahalakshmye Namah".

It is also believed that the ‘Koorma Prishthiya Shri Yantra’ was created by the learned Brahmin community of coastal area in Rameshwaram, Kerla in Seventh or Eighth Century. The Shri Yantra designed on the mount over the back of a tortoise looks similar to the dome of any temple which is slightly mounted. It also depicts one of the fundamental of ‘Vaastu Kala’ which says that any residential house, palace or temple must be mounted at the centre to the top, so that the person residing in it should get more and more energy radiation and solar reflections from the Cosmic Universe or Brahmanda to be more healthy, wealthy and wise. Later on ‘Koorm Prishthiya Meru Shri Yantra’ originated in South Indian temples like other idols, was accepted and worshipped by North Indian temples also. Certainly the holy places in Northern India where tortoise are found generally, the ‘Koorm Prishthiya Meru Shri Yantra’ has registered its presence already. Nature has designed the back of tortoise with the same petals, angles and Lotus like prints as are printed on Shri Yantra. In relation to Lord Kachchap avtar (incarnation of Lord Vishnu) it is also believed that the whole energy and substance of this living world or earth is created around Meru Prishth (back of tortoise) which has the elements like water, earth along with chain of mountains etc.

The Koorm Prishthiya Shri Yantra is worshipped similarly as Shri Yantra has another importance. This Yantra is explained as the tortoise in itself is a very powerful and protected living being and can live in water and land simultaneously, but does not harm any body and is a non-violent creature. Nature has protected the delicacy of tortoise by providing it with a strong cover or jacket which is harmless and quite wonderful. By worshipping this Koorm Prashthiya Shri Yantra, the person is blessed by the same sort of cover or jacket which is harmproof and protects him in the ups and downs of life.


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