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Omkareshwar,Madhya Pradesh


History Of Omkareshwar

Omkareshwar is the result of the diversion in the river Narmada which caused it to branch its flow into two. The shape of the island is in the form of the sound Om sound of Omkara.

According to legends, Lord Vindhayas had prayed to Lord Shiva, and they got the town of Omkareshwar as a present.

In another mythological fable, the Shivalingas on request of the Devas, were broken into two parts. One was the Omkareshwar temple and the other being the Amareshwar.

Raja Mandhata of the Ishvaku clan is believed to have been worshipping on the very land. The cave here is supposed to have been the abode of Govinda Bhagavatpaada, the guru of Sankaracharya. These are some of the most popular legends of the town. However, every person will tell about his own set of beliefs and mythology.

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Omkareshwar,Madhya Pradesh

More info on the city

Omkareshwar in Madhya Pradesh is a small island, is a very sacred pilgrimage destination. The reason being, the natural formation of the religious symbol Om. This island compasses two hills and is divided in such a manner that it appears like an Om.

Hotels near Omkareshwar

MPTDC Narmada Resort

MPTDC Narmada Resort is located at Omkareshwar, 77 kms north of Indore (Madhya Pradesh, India) and 12 kms from Omkareshwar Road Station.

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Sailani Island Resort
Best Price: Rs.0 per day

Narmada Hills Resort

Narmada Hills Resort is an affordable luxury resort in omkareshwar known for its warm service and excellent hospitality.The resort features an uncluttered design,its auspiciouness make

Best Price: Rs. per day



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