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Shopping In Jodhpur

Shopping in Jodhpur is an exciting and rewarding shopping experience for the visitors. It is the homeplace of many talented and skilled craftsmen. They include textile dyers, metal engravers and die-makers. Jodhpur still, probably, has the last of the tailors of the classic 'Jodhpur' breeches. While in Jodhpur, don't forget to buy the famous Jodhpuri Suit. It gives a royal identity to your dressing. Jodhpur is regarded as one of the most famous hub for wholesale export operations in India and attracts significant number of European and North American dealers. Shopping attractions of Jodhpur include the popular items of Jodhpur and the markets where you can buy them.

The following lines provide information about the main Jodhpur, India shopping places and their famous items:

Sojati Gate:

The famous items available here are Tie and Dye Sarees.

Station Road:

This market is famous for Leather, Embroidered shoes and Utensils.

Tripolia Bazaar:

You can shop here for local Handicrafts and Textiles.

Mochi Bazaar:

Here you get the famous Lac works like Lac bangles.

Nai Sarak:

Buy Tie and Dye dresses, Leather items and Handlooms from this market.

Clock Tower:

Apart from the well-known item "spices", this is another place to shop for Handicrafts and Textiles .

The popular items of Jodhpur, Rajasthan are:

Antiques : Jodhpur is an antique hunter's paradise. The Jodhpur antiques include textiles, silver jewellery, pottery, carved ducks, metalwork, marble figures, paintings, antiques antiques, ivory, bed covers, wall hangings, puppets, clothes, especially designed furniture, etc. You can also find old furniture, chests, cabinets, sculptures, doors, windows, carved lintels, old pictures, memorabilia, rare, first-edition books, etc.

Some of the main centers for antique shopping in Jodhpur, Rajasthan are:

Rajasthan Art Emporium

Rajasthan Arts and Crafts House

Sun City Art Exporters

Most of Jodhpur, India Antique shops are located at the foothill of Umaid Bhawan. The prices of the antiques are not too high and more or less fixed. You can also get fake antiques in Jodhpur that are quite cheap. The handicraft emporiums in Jodhpur are even exporting large quantities of antique items. So, if you looking out for authentic (expensive) or fake (cheap) antiques, Jodhpur is the place for you.

Bandhini : Bandhini is an ancient, resist-dyeing technique, widely used in the state of Rajasthan. It is also known as Tie and dye. Bandhini is used to design decorative patterns created by skilled artists with the help the dyes. The fabric is tied in intricate patterns with the help of nails, beads or grain. This acts as a prevention against seepage of color into the tied areas during dyeing.

You can find Jodhpur Bandhini at Kapra Bazaar. Jodhpur, India Tie and dye in small motifs or in wave-like strips, on cotton, chiffon or silk and many other patterns are available. Bandhej of Jodhpur, Rajasthan is used as Sarees, Jodhpuri coats, Rajasthani dresses, Salwar-kameez sets,yardages for turbans, etc. You can find all types of Bandhini at Mehar Collection. Even the prices there are pretty less.

The Jodhpuri craftsmen have perfected the technique of Bandhini. They can make the most intricate patterns emerge in discharge, with vibrant backgrounds. To go to Jodhpur and come back without buying Bandhini is a sheer waste. There are a lot of shops in Jodhpur, selling Bandhini. Some of the good markets in Jodhpur for Bandhini are:

Sojati Gate Market

Nai Sarak Market

Sadar Market


Footwear : Jodhpur footwear is famous throughout India. The catalogue of Indian footwear is incomplete without the mention of Mojris of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Also known as Jodhpuri Jutis, this footwear can help give a royal touch to your dresses. It is usually worn with traditional Indian dresses like Sherwanis, Achkans, Kurta-Pyjama, Jodhpuri suits, etc. They come in different colors and designs, and are normally hand crafted.

Footwear is the one of the important article on sale in the popular markets of Jodhpur. Some of the good markets for buying Jutis are:

Mochi Bazaar in the walled city

Jutti Corner on Station Road

Different types of Jutis/Mojris are available in Jodhpur. The range is quite wide and fascinating. You can get any pair, from the embroidered Jutis to the beaded ones to the plain ones, as per your choice. A nice embroidered pair of Mojris costs around Rs. 450-500. You can also get simple pairs, without much embroidery, for approximately half that price. So, do remember to buy a nice pair of Jodhpur footwear, whenever you get the opportunity to visit Jodhpur.

Mathaniya's Red Chillies :Jodhpur is one of the famous chilly growing districts of Rajasthan. It is the best place for those who are fond of spicy food. Jodhpur chillies are famous, not only throughout India, but abroad also. The most famous one is Mathaniya's red chilly of Jodhpur. It is famous for its reddish color. It is sent to many parts of this country and even exported to other countries.

Shopping for spices in Jodhpur is an intriguing experience. Heaps of red chilies on the pavement stalls create delightful vistas against Jodhpur's desert skyline. The best market for buying chillies of Jodhpur, India is the famous Clock Tower.




More info on the city

Jodhpur is the second biggest city in Rajasthan. Recognized as the Sun city of Rajasthan, the district of Jodhpur is centrally located in the western region of the state. Jodhpur is bordered by Nagaur in East, Jaisalmer in west, Bikaner in North and Barmer as well as Pali in the South.

Hotels near Jodhpur

Taj Hari Mahal

Hotel Taj Hari Mahal is located at Jodhpur (Rajasthan, India), is spread over 6 acres of lush, landscaped gardens and located close to the city centre. The architecture of the hotel is a blend of motifs from the Mandore region and contemporary styling, giving it an air of elegance.

Best Price: Rs.0 per day

Bishnoi Village Camp And Resort

Bishnoi Village Resort is situated in the midst of Bishnoi villages, about 22 K.M. from Jodhpur city,Rajashtan, India on the route of Jodhpur to Udaipur & Ranakpur temple. The Guda lake, where the migratory birds comes every year, is about 2 k.m. from the Resort. Bishnoi is a new Resort and Camp Site in Jodhpur that redefines the concept of luxury and comfort with its stunning appeal, Rajasthani, beauty and elegance. The Sun City - Jodhpur never had it so good- a Camp & Resort that sp
Best Price: Rs.1600 per day


Marugarh is a destination resort at Jodhpur (Rajasthan, India) spread over 14 acres having 40 rooms. Marugarh Jodhpur Hotels and Resorts, is a royal hotel in Jodhpur city which provides luxurious facilities.

Best Price: Rs.3999 per day



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