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Satara Temples

Kuraneshwar (Khinditil Ganapati)  Temple of Lord Ganesh and Lord Shiva, situated on Old Satara-Kolhapur road, 1 km away from Satara City. It is a famous historical temple of 'Swyambhu Ganesh', the 'Gram daivat' of Satara.

Yevateshwar Temple : This temple is of Lord Shiva. It is very ancient and has historical references. On the day of 'Mahashivratri' and in 'Shravan' people visit this temple with great holy spirit. The ghat starts just from the Satara City and temple is situated 5 kms away & is at the height above 2500 feet above sea level. The lush green area from this temple to Kas is fastly growing up as a Tourist Place.

Wai Wai (the Dakshin kashi of India) is situated just 33 kms away from Satara. It is famous for its temples & ghats. "Maha Ganpati Temple" is here which is worshipped by many holy men & women all over the state. It is the important Pilgrim & Cultural Centre of Maharashtra. The office of Marathi Encyclopedia (Vishwa Kosha) is here. There is a Dam across the Kirishna River at Dhom just 9 KM away from Wai.

Shikhar Shinganapur : Very ancient temple of lord 'Shiva' on the hill called Shikhar Shingnapur is about 89 Km from Satara on Satara-Akluj road. Huge gathering of devotees on eve of 'Mahashivratri took place here every year. It has many historical references about visit of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj .

Siddhanath Temple at Mhaswad Temple of Lord 'Siddhanath' built in 12th Century. Idols of Siddhanath and Jogubai in the form of Shiva/Parvati are here. The temple is worth to see. Mhaswad is 80 Km from Satara on Satara-Solapur road. Annual 'Rathyatra' is main function is being celebrated with Lacks of devotees.

Chaphal  Chaphal is situated just 35 kms from Satara 15 kms away from Umbraj (pune-banglore national highway). Samarth Ramdas found idols of Shri Ram in the river near Angapur and built the temple at Chaphal. The temple is built in marble and is good example of architecture.

Aundh -Aundh is 30 kms away from Satara. Previously, it was the Capital of Princely State of Aundh. The Yamai Devi Temple and the Museum here are famous. Museum is having over 8000 precious articles in its collection.

Other Temple in Satara:
Bhavani Temple on Pratapgad - Holy temple of Bhavani Mata built by Ch.Shivaji Maharaj on fort Pratapgad ( 27 Km from Mahableshwar.

Pali - Khandoba Tample of Pali . 33 Kms from Satara off the Pune-Banglore National Highway.

Gondawale Bk. - Temple of lord Rama and Samadhi of Bramhachaitanya Gondawalekar Maharaj (1845-1918) situated at Gondawale Bk. Tal.Man, 72 Km from Satara on Satara-Solapur road. Death anniversary of Maharaj on 10th Moon(Margashirsh Dashami ) celebrated by thousands of devotees.

Sevagiri Maharaj Samadhi Mandir at Pusegaon is also place to visit. 35 Kms away from Satara on Satara-Solapur road.

Khatgun - Urus of Peer Sahib is celebrated very devotedly in March every year and attended by all religious peoples in district. It is good example of national integrity. About 45 Km from Satara near Pusegaon on the bank of Yerala river..

Kuranehswar Ganapati Temple (Khinditil) 1 Km away from Satara City is also very beautiful spot.

Gopalnath Maharaj (Triputi) - Samadhi Mandir of Saint Gopalnath Maharaj and lake nearby the temple is just 11 km from Satara on Satara-Solapur road.


More info on the city

Satara is located in the Satara District of Maharashtra. The name of satara town has been derived from the seven mountains surrounding the place implying sat (seven) and tara (hills).

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