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Ananteshwar Temple :- Ananteshwar temple which is well known as "Manjula Kshetra" and "The temple of 18 towns". Srimad Anantheshwar Temple is located in Manjeshwar which is a small town in Kasaragod district of Northern Kerala. The temple is in existence for more than one thousand years.

Legend says that Parasurama upon recovering land from the sea, coroneted his devotee Ramabhoja as a ruler. The ruler wiped out a snake unintentionally and to get himself off from sarpa dosha he made a silver peetham with a snake cut out on it. Ramabhoja then installed Parasurama in the linga swaroopam and revered him as Ananteswara. Thus the temple of Ananteshwar came into being.

Chandramoulishwar Temple :- According to history, the Moon was once cursed by Daksha Prajapati. To get away from the curse, the Moon executed self-mortification. God was pleased and he came out before the Moon and set the Moon free from the curse. And so this place came to be known as Chandramoulishwar meaning Lord Shiva. The place has a famous temple by this name and the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The Chandramoulishwar temple is Udupi's aajya, or grandfather temple. Every observance at the Krishna Temple always starts with a compulsory visit to this temple.

Kaup Beach :- Kaup Beach is located 12 km south of Udupi. It is situated on the coastal belt. The Kaup beach is one of the most beautiful beaches. Its placement is perfect. The beach with the 100 ft high lighthouse on the rocks is a photographer's paradise. The beach is a serene place with nature's beauty in abundance. The sound of the waves caresses the breeze sensuously. A must be visited place for romantic couples. These are the reasons that Kaup Beach is a tourist attraction.

A walk along the rambling white sand beach and the cool blue water of the sea renders a remedial result for wore out souls.

Krishna Temple :- According to legend Kanakadasa an ardent believer and worshipper of Lord Krishna was not allowed into the temple. The Lord pleased with his devotee turned the Krishna statue in the temple to allow his disciple to regard his Lord's heavenly form through a little window at the back of the matha. This window is known as the ‘Kanakana Kindi' and is an attractive feature of the temple.
The Krishna temple is a very famous temple in Udupi. The statute was set up by the great sage Sri Madhvacharya. The offerings in the temple start early morning at 5 and continue all day long without any exclusion.

Malpe Beach :- Malpe beach is around 6 km from Udipi and is an ideal picnic place with its virtuous beach. The interminable unfold of golden sand with gracefully swinging palm trees and the clean blue sky with the ripple of the sea is an ideal place for spending one's vacation. A perfect holiday resort for boating, fishing and bathing. It is a very famous fishing harbor with tourist ferryboats.
The Maple Beach is quite different as it is a long and broad town beach which is yet to develop.

Manipal :- Manipal is a university town which is situated in the rocky hinterland on the coasts of Malabar. It is at a distance of 8 km from the Arabian Sea. The name is deduced from Mannu which means mud and palla means lake in Tulu language.

The famous Manipal University is in Manipal. The university comprises many famous educational institutions. Such institutions include Manipal Institute of Technology, Kasturba Medical College. The T. A. Pai Management Institute, the Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration are also a part of the Manipal University in Manipal.

Pajaka :- A village where Dvaita philosopher Sri Madhavacharya was born is Pajaka. It is in Udupi Taluk. The place is a natural beauty.

There are many concerning places to be visited at Pajaka. The most important of all is the hereditary home and birthplace of Sri Madhva. The place also contains a banyan tree planted by Sri Madhva. Pajaka is also famous for the spot where Sri Madhva lifted two huge stones and kept them on the pots and also 4 ponds from where he used to take water.

Madhva Mandira is near by to the house where many religious activities take place. It is also a Vidyapeeta where students are taught Vedas and Sanskrit.



More info on the city

Udipi or Udupi is one of the Mokshapuris highly revered in Karnataka and Kerala.Udupi is the birth place of Sri Madhvacharya, who set up the Astha Mathas, one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the state.Udupi is located 381 km from Bangalore and 50 km from Mangalore.

Hotels near Udupi

Vindya Home Stay

Vindya Home Stay is located near beach front at Malpe Beach Udupi at 70 km North of Mangalore (Karnataka, India). Malpe Beach is characterised by Silver white Sand beach which is still quite secluded and not visited by a lot of tourists.

Best Price: Rs.2500 per day

White Lotus Hotel

White Lotus Hotel Krishna Mutt Temple is 10 minutes away by walk. Mangalore International Airport is 45 km from the property.

Best Price: Rs.1 per day

RSB Residency

RSB Residency ( RSB Bhawan )  is located at a distance
Best Price: Rs. per day



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